Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free time..

As much as I love this little guy.... I gotta say, I'm pretty excited dad just took him to Grandma's house.

So what to do with my free time? Quilt......

Ride one of these 3 hooligans

but, since I'm sadly out of shape, they are very sassy and my insurance deductible is outrageously high.....
I guess I better clean the house....oh so dull and boring, but it feels so good after.
Time's up and it didn't get to spit spot shape, but I did get a couple of windows washed, a load of smelly towels done, found 3 sippy cups with contents that now resembled yogurt ( but didn't smell as pleasant), got clean sheets on the bed, uncovered our kitchen table, and found .....can you identify this?????

well it used to be cute little Easter jigglers...pretty scary, huh?
So though I am sad that I had to postpone my trip to Hawaii (I should have stepped off the plane today for a 2 week vacation), and that the Jon & Kate plus 8 rumors appear to be true( that makes me sooo sad!!!) , I know that the health department won't yellow tape my house and that when I see the little baaoooh, he'll have a big kiss for me, and who can resist that?


  1. Cute little stinker!
    I;d probably have stopped at quilting :-)

  2. I'd have picked the horses because even though I now love to sew and quilt I've always wanted a horse. =)

    I had a question about the petit fours tutorial I got to the cutting of the squares to equal 4.5 and was about to start laying them together to sew but it doesn't match like in your pic. They measure 4.5" by 4". I'm just going to shorten them up so that they are 4"x4" but is it something I did wrong or was there a misprint in the tutorial? Thanks! Looking forward to finishing mine and then making some as gifts.

  3. It's funny how we used to always have a clean house, ready for company before kids. Now, it's a whole different story. And oh, the sippy cups! Thank goodness we're done with sippy cups.

  4. Nice pics, i like the last one very much. This is so cute.


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