Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Fast......

Birth Day to First birthday

I'm pretty proud of my cake I made. His daddy must have warned him about my cooking experiments though, because baby Cade wouldn't have anything to do with his cupcake!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming Soon

We've considered making that our new business name. That's usually where our pattern's are and it is where our website has been for quite awhile. Story of our life. I guess All Washed Up pretty much fits us, too. Guess we'll stick with it, or our name change would be under the Coming Soon category too!!

So while our website is under construction, I think I have this figured out well enough to post some pictures of our current patterns that have made it out of the "coming soon" category!!

Just Can't Cut It

We are very thankful to have this pattern be in the top 10 sellers for several years in a row!! This is so fun. You pick a great focus fabric ( that's too awesome to cut up into little pieces) and pick your size ( there are 7 sizes to choose from baby - king). This is one that you make over and over again!!

5 & Dime

Our cover shown in lap size, the larger size is shown below.
A kit that's available through Keepsake Quilting's spring catalog
5 & Dime is another fat quarter quilt. Absolutely no seams to match up. FAST. Great beginner, kids, or just a get er done project!!

Sparkling Cider

Done up in batiks
looks great done up in bright contemporary fabrics, too.
This is a fat quarter quilt that's pretty quick to make. No sashings or borders. You can layer your fat quarters and make several cuts at once. We also use the Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler, so it helps keep those points on your stars (plus you make all points for each star with just 2 squares of fabric!). You need 20 (64"x80"), 9 (48"x48") or 4 (16"x64") fat quarters a background and you're off and running!! Great way to use those fat quarter towers!!