Sunday, April 5, 2009

"grass broke" and slides

Baby Cade has not enjoyed being on grass. Wouldn't walk on it, wouldn't sit on it, wouldn't touch it. Finally..... progress. His face still looks a little unsure, but this is a huge step. Before he would crumple up in a ball and cry! Look here, he might even be enjoying it! Looks like we can put the Easter eggs in the grass after all!
Now slides, they were instant love. Not sure which of us is having more fun (notice the huge gaping hole, aka my mouth).

Now I gotta work on getting him "shoe broke"!


  1. Oh...the pure joy on his face (and yours Angie) warms my heart!
    Cindy Brouillard

  2. Cade is such a cutie!!! He has hundreds of "Auntie's" out there that just love him. It's such fun to see him grow and have such a great time with his Mom. He's a lucky little boy!

  3. Good luck with the shoe breaking. The only place Sydney will wear her shoes is at school, cuz that's the rules. She took them off the first day when she got there and they corrected that pretty quickly. I can't blame her though, I never have shoes on.

  4. I can't believe how Cade is growing. Hope all is well. Enjoy it while you can because it goes fast.

  5. I just found your blog today and it looks a lot of fun. Your quilts are brilliant. I look forward to hearing about your crafty adventures and the playground adventures of your adorable son.