Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm loving Spring!!!

Everyone is ready for Spring, right? I keep hounding the local nurseries to see if they have my favorite flowers in yet. I was out till dark last night and tonight I was out after dark with my headlight attached to my baseball hat taking advantage of the time when Cade is sleeping. I got the flowers below planted, I still have 8 wine barrels, 40 wave petunias, and 20 Astilbe's to go!!!Today, I got a little package in the mail from our Veterinarian. It's a little stone in memory of my special friend (Fattie, my kittie) who died from kidney failure last month. So after crying for a few minutes, I put it out with the new flowers that I just planted. She loved to be outside.
This is Fattie on the left, and Chicken S@#! on the right. I think I better explain the names. I got both of these cats from the local rescue about 8 years ago. After several trips to the vet, I had no names for them except cat A & B. I pulled these names out of my demented sense of humor. Fattie really "blossomed" after I got her, and Chicken was scared of everything!! So I thought these names fit and they stuck, Fattie and Chicken for short, I didn't want to offend anybody and I didn't really want my nephews to know her full name. Anyway, I really loved her personality. Animals are definitely a blessing, and she is missed.